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We believe that customer satisfaction is not all about quality products alone but rather the perception of the product meeting the needs and expectation, in terms of the overall qualitative characteristics and affordability, of the users.

Our product range is designed to meet the requirements of different consumer markets and they are aptly grouped as the following product lines:

Product Line Brand Promise & Focus
Product 1
(Nu-Cote, Pluss)
Premium Standards: Promise of Quality & Service - Offering superior quality products that comes with top-notch after sales, technical, colour scheme service especially for those who would settle for nothing but the best
Product 2
(Sno-Cote, TOP)
Economical Selections: Products designed and priced competitively for those who are economically conscious but at the same time not willing to sacrifice a great deal on the qualitative aspect of the goods
Product 3
(Econlite, Econ)
Low End Grades: Providing lowest-priced, cash and carry products for affordability and great savings
Others Specialised decorative or industrial coatings designed  for specific needs or users
Hiper Products Wood/ Timber related products
Colourants Ralston Colourants
Trading Label, Washing Liquid and other complimentary products related to our business

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