nu-cote glaze

Pearlescent/ Metalline effect emulsion finish

Standard Packing 100ml
Colour As per colour chart
Application Exterior and Interior
For use on Concrete/ masonry
Wood/ timber
Iron/ steel
Product Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
Product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) available in both Malay & English,which will be provided upon request via Online Enquiry.


Colour Chart
The colours shown are as close as possible to actual product colours. However, they are for illustrative purposes only and colour reproduction will vary depending on the web browser, monitor and computer being used.

Magic Yellow 70007
Magic White 70001
Magic Orange 70003
Magic Green 70005
Magic Pink 7004
Magic Blue 70006
Magic Violet 70002
Magic Indigo 70008
Gold 75002
Red Wine 75003
Bronze 75001
Silver 70009


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