Vinyl acrylic emulsion interior finish

Standard Packing 5L & 18L (Both White Only)
1L, 5L & 18L available via Colour WavesTM
Colour SC Series
Application Interior only
For use on Concrete/ Masonry
Product Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
Product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) available in both Malay & English,which will be provided upon request via Online Enquiry.


Colour Chart
The colours shown are as close as possible to actual product colours. However, they are for illustrative purposes only and colour reproduction will vary depending on the web browser, monitor and computer being used.

S8110 Coconut Cream
S8820 Beeswax
S0521 Golden Rod
S8120 Dolly
S5120 Peachpuff
S6831 Pink Lace
S9110 Cumulus
S6620 Cashmere
S9220 Pale Prim
S5820 Bisque
S6420 Colonial Orange
S2321 Sea Green
S1321 Fresh Lime
S6530 Mocassin
S6220 Astra
S1521 Reef
S3631 Scandal
S5931 Lavendar Rose
S6121 Blue Chalk
S1921 Tidal
C6631 Flamingo
C2131 Sapling
C8530 Festival
C0221 Canary
C6230 Almond
C4241 Sinbad
C7830 Straw
C2631 Magic Mint
C5130 Lilac
C9330 Sandwisp
C3241 Marina
C0031 Milan
C2021 Sushi
C5530 Tumbleweed
C5631 Perfume
C4541 Periwinkle
C9020 Picasso
C6730 Tequila
C2731 Moss Green
C4031 Cruise
F0841 Starship
F0039 Sunglow
F4941 Cold Purple
F7120 Chamois
F6830 Rajah
F1631 Refreshing
F6131 Twilight
F7520 Melon
F5630 Mona Lisa
F1431 Vida Loca
F6240 Manhattan
F3741 Light Teal
F7041 Blossom
F4851 Valentine
F5830 Caramel
F3641 Viking
F5241 Celeste
F7730 Oak
F5731 Chatelle
F0812 Tranquil
B2012 Smoky
B1272 Boulder
B4341 Cadet Blue
B0612 Hippie Blue
B3441 Horizon
B2722 Dawn
B1131 Prairie
B2231 Green Tea
B3941 Cerulean
B5930 Hokey Pokey
B6330 Peach Orange
B0131 Dandelion
B8030 Pie Crust
B6540 Just Right
B5431 Affair
B6841 Mama Mia
B5641 Plum
B9840 Fizz
B5041 Polo
B7511 Wizard
W0043 Bright Red
W4269 King's Robe
W3599 Brickfair
W0042 Bright Orange
W4670 Carrot Juice
W8388 Cool & Co
W5170 Hot Cocoa
W2070 In A Nutshell
W1260 Daisy
W4770 Claypot
W8097 Locomotive
W0498 Combat
W9979 Shrub
W9479 Elf
W0046 Bright Green
W7169 Pacific
W0045 Bright Blue
W5069 Too Cool
W5469 Egg Plant
W044 Bright Purple



Also available via colorwaves

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