We would like to inform you that the above warranty will only be issued subject to the following conditions being met:

1. Paint System
Exterior No. of Coats Maximum Dilution Minimum Dry Film Thickness (DFT in microns)
Nu-Cote Wall Sealer/
Pluss AP Sealer
1 5% 20
Nu-Cote Weather 2 5% 60 (total)
2. Workmanship (Applicator/ Painter)
  Only TRANS PAINT authorized/ registered applicator or painter shall be used in order for the warranty to be issued. To register, the applicator or painter must attend a one-time warranty briefing session at TRANS PAINT Factory.
3. Surface Preparation
New Unpainted Surface
Previous Painted Surface
  a. In general cementitious surfaces may be highly alkaline especially when new.
  b. The moisture and alkalinity in fresh masonry may combine to attack many types of coatings by a process called hydrolysis which subsequently leads to film deterioration (chalking, colour fading, loss of adhesion etc.).
  c. Depending on the environment, the substrate needs at least 30 to 60 days to cure or until a surface pH of 9 is realized.
  d. Cracks must be patched using appropriate compound such as mortar, plaster, caulk etc. paying attention to the suitability of the materials in your application (exterior or interior).
  e. Joints and patches must be checked for its pH level as well before painting, with the same treatment as the cement substrate.
  f. Moisture content in the substrate can be checked with a moisture detector. A typical unit would have simple indicator showing the levels of dampness at which painting is permissible or otherwise.
  g. Efflorescence, crusty white salt deposits leached from masonry as moisture passes through, is common in many masonry surfaces. It must be removed thoroughly prior to painting and the cause must be determined and corrected to avoid reoccurrence on painted surfaces.
4. Material Usage
  We reserve the right to know the source and the quantity of paint material purchased for the project. The amount should be consistent with our assessed paint consumption and in the event that the variance is significantly lower than our estimates, we reserve the right to withhold the issuance of the warranty.
5. Site Inspection
  As detailed in 3, our representative may/ shall perform random site inspections in the process of surface preparation and painting of the project. We reserve the right to sample the wet paint and remove paint film for testing. Any non-conformance against our recommendation and conditions will render the warranty to be unsuccessful. Please take note also that we expect only our approved paint containers to be allowed at site and the presence of other brands’ containers will be viewed with great suspicion and may jeopardise our warranty.
6. Paint Warranty
  Warranty against paint defects on products shall be provided for a period of five (5) years commencing from the date of practical completion of the project. Other information, exclusions, terms, conditions and claims are detailed in the warranty form.
Attached please find a copy of the sample warranty form and painter registration form for your reference and understanding.


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